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Feel Good Music Therapy

"Living your dream life is as easy as feeling good now. And now. And now..."                                            - Luci Williams

How It Works

1) Together we tune in to your High Self's wisdom to identify and clarify your desired feelings.

2) We honor and validate your expressions and accomplishments in your life up to now.

3) Through direct communication with your High Self we develop a plan of inspired action via the foundational principle of feeling good each step of the way. We use music and musical activities throughout the process that best align with each person’s unique experience.

Who Is Luci?

Hi, I'm Luci Williams and I am a passionate "liver" of life. My first career was music therapy in a New York City neuro-rehab hospital, where I directly experienced the power of positive perspective on healing. Now I have applied what I learned in healthcare, combined with an expansive personal awakening, and am using it in my own life. I am excited to share, IT WORKS! By feeling good in each present moment, or at least feeling a better feeling from one now moment to the next, the vibration of my life has dramatically shifted and I can say with certainty I am living my dream life.

Would you like to live yours?

It is my greatest pleasure to spark others to see their own divinity and vast inner wisdom. I love watching people light up as they enjoy the process of reclaiming their inherent power. Now is everything. Now is all we have. Now is the moment we change our perspective, our lives, the world!

Reach out to me anytime. It would be my greatest pleasure to enjoy feeling good with you!


1 hour long session - $100

30 minute session - $60