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In the past few years, I have immersed myself in the study of intuition and spirit-wisdom, traveling far and wide and absorbing the many different ways people all over the world connect to higher guidance. Synchronistically, at the same time Sam Williams, fellow musician and meditator, was doing the same. What always came quite naturally to both of us has now been defined, expanded, and put into practice, thanks to training under Desiree Dennis, one of the greatest spirit channels we have ever encountered.

Working Together

We co-lead each session by inviting in energies of unconditional love. We cleanse the space with sound, then lead a brief music meditation. Sam and I receive visuals and messages directly for you from Spirit, and share with you in real time what we see and hear. At any point before or during the session you may ask questions. At any point you may invite someone in. At the end of the session we close the space and give gratitude for the love and wisdom shared.


What is meant by Spirit? This includes your personal spirit guides, your higher self, ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over, wise masters, angelic beings, animal totems, and more. Spirit Guides are defined as beings in non-physical form who are committed to guiding and assisting you throughout your lifetime on Earth. Your higher self is the collection of all the wisdom and experiences your soul has ever known. In our experience, the spirits are pure-energy, essentially unconditional love, and meeting with them offers opportunities to receive loving support, new perspectives on familiar situations, and often deep insight. Each session is vastly different, and you may hear from one being or from many. Often the spirits offer energetic or symbolic gifts just before or after they speak, which is why we named this Energy Gifts Guidance.


  • Energy Gifts Guidance - following a brief music meditation, we greet those in the spirit realm who are there to offer you guidance and gifts. You may ask questions at any point. We offer 30-minute, 60-minute, and email sessions. There is no need to be with us in physical person for these sessions, just have access to a phone or computer. 

  • 4 Hands Reiki - relax and receive universal healing light as we channel these energies in unison, directly to your physical body. These sessions begin with a brief music meditation and conclude with sharing images and insights we receive. Both level II Reiki practitioners, we find this works well in person as well as over long distances. If long distance, we will send an email, have a brief chat at the end of the session, or you can Skype in for the duration of the session. One thing we like to share during Reiki sessions is the concept of active-reception. Active-reception allows you to participate by willingly inviting in the healing energies. We recommend mantras, for example, "I am ready for all the changes that this healing will bring in my life". If you resonate with the idea of active-reception, we will help construct your personal mantra before the session. [It is also quite effective to quietly rest during Reiki with no mantra at all, it is your choice - your body always knows.]

  • Music Meditation - relax into an atmosphere of sound while you receive healing music created just for you. We have each spent the past few years studying ways in which sound works to heal. One of the most important things we learned is that sound waves act as carrier waves for smaller waveforms such as intention. Before each session we communicate with you to learn about your current moment in life, becoming clear on your precise desires and intentions. We create music designed to enhance and manifest your intentions, using vibrational instruments of all kinds including crystal bowls, resonant drums, harmonium, guitars, voices, flutes, and more. It is recommended that you attend the session in person, where you will lie in the center of the room as we create the music meditation around you. 

  • Your First Session - we would love to offer your first Energy Gifts Guidance session at a discounted price. See for yourself how it resonates with you. Your first session will last approximately one hour, and flow exactly as an Energy Gifts session, described above.

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This world is so full of magnificence and beauty and wonder!

Many blessings and lots of energy gifts!